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Auto Accident Injury

At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers, an auto accident chiropractor on our team is here to help you improve your quality of life, find relief from pain, and experience the benefits of non-invasive chiropractic treatment. If you've been experiencing pain from an auto accident, you're not alone, and we may be able to help with chiropractic care. Below are some of the ways we can help our patients in Westminster, CO, Lakewood, CO, Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas.


What Are Common Types of Auto Accident Injuries?

Common auto accident injuries can range from whiplash to spinal disc herniation. Whiplash is a common injury after an auto accident and occurs when the head is thrown backward and then forward quickly. This type of violent motion can cause muscles in the neck and spine to become injured.

Other common types of auto accident injuries include soft tissue damage, sprains/strains, fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries. It may be important that you get checked out by a qualified medical professional if you were involved in an auto accident as some of these injuries may not be immediately apparent post-accident.

How Can Our Auto Accident Chiropractor Help?

At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers, an auto accident chiropractor on our team is here to help you with your recovery. We offer a range of treatments and services designed to provide relief from pain, restore function, and improve your quality of life.

An auto accident chiropractor on our team can create treatment plans that are tailored to meet your individual needs. Treatment plans may involve manual therapy such as spinal manipulation, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, and more. These treatments can work together to help reduce inflammation, promote healing, and restore mobility in the affected area.

We also understand that returning to regular activities after an auto accident can be difficult. That's why we offer supportive therapies such as posture correction exercises and lifestyle advice, work ergonomic advice, and more. Our goal is to help our patients recover quickly and get back to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Get Help for Auto Accident Injuries

If you need help recovering from an auto accident, contact our team at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers. We're here to help with pain relief and pain management. Schedule an appointment and we'll get started on creating a personalized treatment plan for you. Together, we can work towards restoring mobility and function so that you can experience the life you love again. We serve (303) 457-4570 Westminster, CO, (720) 328-9033 Lakewood, CO, (303) 927-7027 Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas. Call us.