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Intersegmental Traction Tables

If you need the assistance of a chiropractor in the Aurora, Westminster, or Denver areas, Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers is here to provide help. With accident and injury chiropractic care tailored to your needs, we can ensure that you receive the right treatment and support for improved mobility and pain reduction. Intersegmental traction tables are one of the methods we use to achieve that, and they offer significant benefits following an injury.


What Are Intersegmental Traction Tables?

Intersegmental traction tables, also known as roller tables, are employed by chiropractors to manipulate the spine. These tables promote the stretching of ligaments and other structures around the spine, making it easier for you to find the pain relief you seek. They can also be a valuable choice for addressing stiffness in the area, as discomfort and a restricted range of motion often occur together.

How Do These Tables Work?

These tables operate using rollers divided into sections. By selecting which sections move and in which directions, your chiropractor can adjust your spine and manipulate different areas, ensuring a careful and gentle stretch. By utilizing this type of table, you have the opportunity to decompress and manipulate not only your spine but its supporting structures as well.

Does This Help With Back Pain & Neck Pain?

Intersegmental traction tables are specifically designed to alleviate neck and back pain. They provide an effective way for you and your chiropractor to collaborate on achieving an improved range of motion and reduced discomfort. If you've recently suffered a back injury, it's advisable to discuss any concerns with your chiropractor. However, there is generally no reason to avoid using this type of table when you need to stretch your spine and find relief.

Is This a Safe Option for Everyone?

Intersegmental traction tables are generally considered safe. It's possible to experience slight soreness after using one, but this discomfort typically dissipates quickly. Given their ability to reduce pain and enhance your range of motion, these tables are popular choices for quality chiropractic care, offering significant benefits.

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