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Knee Pain After Auto Accident

As one of the largest and most complex joints in the human body, the knee plays a significant role in supporting body weight and enabling movement. However, due to the complex structures, knee joints are prone to injuries such as tearing of tendons, cartilages, ligaments, and dislocations. We often see patients suffering from knee pain due to auto accidents. However, knee injuries caused by car accidents can go unnoticed until symptoms become severe. Lack of immediate pain should not rule out the possibility of injury after a crash. At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers in Aurora, Lakewood, and Westminster, we can assess your overall health after an auto accident and create a treatment plan to naturally relieve your pain or discomfort.


Symptoms of a Knee Injury After an Auto Accident

  • Sharp, stabbing, or localized pain for severe injuries
  • Swelling around the knee
  • Dull ache throughout a large area on your knee
  • Mobility issues when walking, running, or moving

Types of Knee Injuries and How We Can Help

  • Dislocated Knee - Our chiropractors will treat your dislocated knee with a variety of therapies, including massage, interferential therapy, and other techniques, depending on the severity. These therapies are intended to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • Knee Bursae - This condition can be treated through the use of hot and cold therapies, massage, and stretching exercises, which can alleviate pain and swelling
  • Frozen Knee - Some of the same treatments may be used to treat this condition, which is often caused by chronic inflammation and scar tissue
  • Strains & Sprains - A slip or fall could cause your knee to become strained or sprained. Our chiropractors will evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment to promote your body's natural healing process
  • Tendinitis - This condition, which is inflammation of the tendon, could have a number of causes, such as playing sports, repetitive movements, and more. Our chiropractors can develop the appropriate treatment plan to alleviate your knee pain and inflammation effectively 

When Should You See a Doctor After an Auto Accident Injury?

After a car accident, it's prudent to see our doctors for a physical evaluation. This is because knee pain can graduate drastically from mild discomfort to severe pain, rendering you completely immobile. Some injuries may even require surgeries or even long recovery periods. For this reason, immediate medical care will help prevent the escalation. 

Our experienced chiropractors will conduct a thorough examination to assess your medical history and current health. We can help you monitor your condition and ensure you receive effective treatment. Your treatment plan will be a combination of non-invasive techniques to help alleviate your symptoms and improve the knee's range of motion.

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If you live in or around Boston and have experienced a knee injury due to an auto accident, Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers is here to help. Our experienced chiropractors and dedicated staff will examine the nature of your knee injury and provide the appropriate treatment to get you back to living pain-free.  Call our Aurora, Lakewood, or Westminster location to schedule your appointment and take care of your knee pain today!