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Are you injured from a car crash, workplace fall, or any other accident that caused ongoing trauma? At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers in Aurora, we’re here to turn your moment of crisis into a stronger, healthier future. Whether you have whiplash from an auto accident or back and neck pain from sitting at a desk incorrectly, our team of Aurora chiropractors are ready to personalize a path toward healing and relief.

Our Chiropractic Care in Aurora, CO

At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers, we offer conservative, non-invasive care for a variety of injuries and accidents. Our full-service Aurora office is designed to handle your diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation needs. Of course, every patient gets a completely different chiropractic care regimen, because we tailor our services to suit your symptoms and lifestyle.

No matter what your injury or symptoms, our Aurora chiropractors will work hard to help your body start healing. Sometimes, that means correcting a spinal imbalance and reducing inflammation with manual chiropractic adjustments. Other times, it includes a long-term plan for corrective care, such as exercises that help you strengthen weak leg or back muscles. We want you to regain the mobility and function you had before your accident, but first we must relieve any inflammation or imbalance that is preventing your body from healing properly.

Our chiropractic services in Aurora include:

Accident Injury Treatments in Aurora, CO

While our treatments look different for every patient, most of our chiropractic services revolve around injuries sustained in auto accidents, workplace accidents, or other acute types of trauma. Our auto accident doctors in Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, and Centennial have years of experience treating accident injuries, and our office staff also has experience with the business side of injury claims. If you’re working with a lawyer, insurance company, employer, or any other party, we will provide detailed documentation and do our best to make the paperwork process as quick and painless as possible.

Meet Your New Aurora Chiropractor

Our chiropractors are handpicked to tackle our patient’s unique and sensitive needs after accidents. During your first consultation, you’ll learn more about your Aurora chiropractor’s approach, but both doctors on our team are committed to all-natural, whole-body treatment techniques that are designed to optimize your lifestyle and help your entire body heal. If you need a chiropractor near Aurora or Centennial, call us today to find out when Dr. Christopher Higgins or Dr. Ron Losiewicz can see you. Our accident injury doctors are currently accepting new patients.

Choose from Three Chiropractic Offices in Denver

Our Aurora chiropractic clinic is one of three different locations in the metro Denver area. If you need a chiropractor in Westminster or Lakewood instead, visit one of our other two offices for your chiropractic needs. Each doctor on our team is committed to making life better throughout Aurora, Centennial, and the rest of the metro Denver area, and that includes you and your family. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment, because your injury may continue to get worse without intervention.

Make an Appointment with a Chiropractor in Aurora

Do you need chiropractic care in Aurora? Our office is on Mississippi Avenue, right next to Gateway High School, and we do our best to fit new patients into our schedule as quickly as possible. We’re open on Friday and Saturday for your convenience, as well as Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. Just call (303) 927-7027 to schedule an appointment with an Aurora chiropractor today.