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Lower Back Pain After Auto Accident

If you are living with the aftermath of a car accident, you are not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common side effects following an auto accident. If you are dealing with pain in your lower back, chiropractic care could be the key to finding pain relief and recovery. Our team at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers serves Westminister, Lakewood, Aurora, and Centennial. We offer effective treatment for lower back pain and other symptoms after a car accident.


Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is linked to a variety of different issues, like having a career that involves sitting, standing with poor posture, or an injury. Auto accident injuries are frequently associated with low back pain. Strains, sprains, whiplash, and other injuries can lead to low back pain.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

While the most obvious symptom of low back pain may be shooting or dull pain, other symptoms are not as clearly related. For example, some people experience limb weakness or pain, which may not feel related to the accident. This is often a result of the back not being properly aligned.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

A proper diagnosis will help us understand the full scope of your condition. A visual examination may shed light on the problem causing your pain, but often a professional will examine x-rays and other resources to determine the appropriate form of treatment.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

If you are facing a lower back injury, there are steps you can take to find relief. Our chiropractors may adjust your back to ensure that your back is in alignment. Furthermore, we provide massage therapy, physical therapy, corrective exercises, and stretching techniques. Each treatment helps you build strength and restore flexibility while relieving pressure on your back.

Chiropractors also provide lower back pain treatment in the form of E-stim, cold laser therapy, heat therapy, and cold therapy. These techniques are used not to just put a bandage over the problem but rather to focus on the root source and promote general wellness.

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Our chiropractors at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers provide treatment for low back pain for residents of Lakewood, Westminister, Aurora, and Centennial, CO. If you have recently been involved in an auto accident and would like to learn more about our treatment options, call our team today at (303) 457-4570 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors.