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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatment from our Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, and the Centennial Chiropractors

Knee pain is a common ailment for individuals of all ages. It can occur for a variety of reasons. The MD Accident injury Centers in Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, and Centennial can help diagnose your knee pain and determine the best plan of treatment with a licensed chiropractor. 

Knee Pain Treatment from The MD Accident Injury Centers

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Because your knee supports your body weight and absorbs the force of impact, knee injuries are commonplace. One wrong move can cause you to hyperextend the joint. Pain can occur due to a fall or other accident, arthritis or even tendinitis. Chronic knee pain is caused by long-term pain, swelling, and sensitivity in one or both knees. It rarely goes away without some form of intervention. Causes of long-term knee pain can include gout, cysts, tears, and overuse.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

To avoid further injury or chronic pain it’s important to see a doctor or chiropractor if you experience any of the following symptoms.

    • Swelling and stiffness
    • Weakness and instability
    • Popping noises during movements
    • Redness or warm to the touch
    • Inability to fully straighten the knee

How a Chiropractor Can Help

When you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for knee pain, he will obtain a detailed medical history to determine if there are any possible causes. He will also likely get you to walk a few steps, so he can establish any stress or pressure points to the knee. In some cases, your chiropractor may order a series of tests, including an MRI, X-rays or a CT scan. After, he will determine the best course of treatment.

Common chiropractic treatments include joint manipulation and massage to help get your knee fully aligned. This may take several treatments. You will also likely have exercises to perform at home to help speed your recovery. Physical therapy is another option for treatment. You may be given the advice to lose weight or to wear specific footwear. It may take several methods of treatment over a course of many months in order to significantly reduce your knee pain.

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Whether you have suffered from an injury or have a chronic illness and are experiencing knee pain, your chiropractor at the MD Accident Injury Centers can meet with you to discuss your treatment options. If you live in Lakewood, Aurora or Westminister, contact us at (303) 457-4570 to schedule an appointment or to find the answers to any questions you may have about knee pain.